Here is just a sample of some of our videography work. You can hire us just to shoot raw video or have us do everything start to end:  concept design, story board, filming and editing.  Check out more on the Shawn Stallard Youtube channel. 

Real Estate - Of course still photography is wonderful in showing a property.  But video gives clients an even better view of what they want.  We even get our cameras into the air to show the neighborhood and house for the best perspective. Take a look at one of our sample real estate videos. We do photo slide shows and complete video compilations.


Commercial - With the internet and social media providing a new means of reaching customers, more and more companies are turning to video to showcase their business and products.  In addition to showcase videos we produce instructional videos, conduct interviews and cover live events. At right you will find a video we recently did.


Stock - We maintain a library of stock footage that you can use on your website, documentaries and other films.  Most of this is themed in the desert southwest where we are located, but there is also some other footage from our travels. The video at right is a photo slideshow.  More stock video will be coming.


Anasazi Trails Project - There are so many interesting places to see in Southern Utah.  Some we just drive or walk by and we don't even know the significance of these things. That's why we produce short videos, virtual tours, that explain some of the history, geology and flora and fauna of these unique places. You can see further episodes on the Shawn Stallard Youtube channel, Anasazi Trails Playlist. More will be coming. Enjoy.