Photo Adventures

Anasazi Trails - Free Virtual Tours
Anasazi Trails photo sampler - more videos coming.There is so much to see in Southern Utah. Let Stallard Photography take photos of you enjoying this amazing place
Click here to check out the Shawn Stallard Youtube channel for the free virtual tour program called Anasazi Trails.

These adventures are sort of like a photo session held in the great outdoors... wherever you want to go (but remember, our 4x4 does have limits). If you want to sharpen your own photo skills, all adventurers will get photography/videography workshop assistance and evaluation.* Along the way you will also hear about the history, geography and nature of what you are seeing, which makes the photos more memorable.  Up to 7 people can come along.  At the end of the trip you will get a password to access the photos from your adventure. You can download any of the photos for free or you can purchase prints and other gifts from the website.

All day photo adventures cost $460 for up to four people.  After that, add $30 per person for the 5th - 7th persons.  Among the popular places to get your photograph taken are those listed below:

Toroweap:  The Arizona Strip is one of the wildest, most remote places left in the lower 48 states. It is also one of the most stunning. Here you will find a sheer 3000 ft drop to the Colorado river, an old school house, lava caves, indian writing, and so much more.  A great place for photo ops.


We can go here pretty much year round.


Tushar Mountains:  These bald peaks are among the highest in Southern Utah, with deer, elk, and mountain goats. There is an old mining town, petroglyphs, and even an old fort.  Each of these offers an incredible backdrop for your group.


Due to snow, we can't go here until the snow melt (it is over 12,000 elevation, so the snow pack can be good).


Kolob Loop: So many visit Zion National Park. But so few know about the beauty of seeing Zion from the mountains above.  Here there are caves, waterfalls, and so many amazing views. Eye candy for the camera.


Due to snow, we may not always be able to take you up here.




Whitney Pocket: This is one of the best kept secrets of the Southwest. The rock formations are stunning. And where did that slot canyon and sink hole come from?  Why did the indians spend so much time out here?  Our cameras will capture your part in this amazing place. 


We can take you here pretty much year round... but in the summer it can get HOTTTTTT!!!



Spanish Trail: Did the early travelers notice all the beauty around them on their way through? This is a special historic photo adventure that opens the past to the lens of your camera. Unforgettable.  


Available year round.




For all day photo adventures all will be provided with water, a sack lunch and a Cliff Bar for snacking on. Please remember to bring sturdy footwear, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and any medication you may need.

Of course, we can do a photo adventure in other places if none of the above interest you. Contact us for some interesting ideas.  Also,if you don't have time for an all day photo adventure, for $300 we can take you and your group out for a half day.


* Workshop assistance and evaluation is intended for the beginner to intermediate photographers.

** We stick to established roads and believe in Tread Lightly practices.