Video tours of real estate - A great way to market properties for quick sales

April 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Does anyone question the need for quality photographs when advertising properties? There is no second guessing that photographs from an Iphone are fantastic.  As good as that technology is though, a photographer with a DSLR can do so much more for you.  When you compare the photos from the latest and greatest smartphone with the images produced by a professional photographer, it leaves a real estate agent asking himself: Can I really afford not to hire a professional photographer?  

Despite the improvements had by the images from professionals, even photographs have their limitations when advertising properties.  It is easy to loose the perspective of where things are located in a home. You don't get that walk in feeling.  That is where video tours come in. Clients don't just look at an image, they are immersed into it.  

Stallard photography is not just about taking still images.  We also provide a full spectrum of video services, from interviews, to instructional videos and of course including video tours of homes.  Video tours of homes include aerial footage that puts a perspective into the action that cannot be had from the ground.  Our quality still photography and videos are the tools that bring clients to your property to make for a quicker sale.  Take a look at this recent video tour.  You will see why clients are drawn to this kind of media:


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