Virtual Tour with the Triple 50 Deal - Sky Mountain

January 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of the services we provide are video virtual tours of homes and other properties.  Still photographs do a great deal in documenting a property, but you lose part of the perspective of where things are located and seeing the surrounding areas.  This is solved with video virtual tours. You don't just see a home, you actually become part of it.  You walk through it.  Our tours are extra special because we give you aerial shots of the property, so you can even fly over it. Add to this that Southern Utah is one of the most amazing places on earth with the red rock and accents of green on a back drop of a blue sky. It's not just documenting a location, it is beauty that entertains. We just did a tour for Meri Crandall at Remax Associates.  Her clients love her and she has wonderful depth of experience. This home sold quick.  Here is the virtual tour of that home at Sky Mountain. This was under the Triple 50 Deal:  50 shots for $50 to the first 50 real estate clients.  The alternate is a virtual tour for $150, which this is.  Enjoy the tour...

While at this home, we took a couple of HDR (high dynamic range) shots.  It just make you love the kitchen and the view you get.

Sky MountainKitchen at Sky Mountain. Gotta love that view... golf course and mountains.


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