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Changing the name helps better describe just what we do; not just photography, but also aerial, video, film production, 3d/360 degree real estate tours, and much more. Visit our new website at


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Winner of the Free Matterport Tour contest by Stallard Photography Today the drawing for a free Matterport tour was held.  Congratulations to Nisi Maile!!! She is the winner of the free Matterport tour.

Want to know how we held the drawing?  Nothing high tech... just me and my happy helper, who, closing her eyes, pulled the name out of a hat.  Take a look at the video here or on our Facebook page.

We have enjoyed putting this contest together and will be doing more contests in the future.  Thanks for your support

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Photography.... and video too Companies often need more than just still images to promote their business or product.  People are visual, and although we love to read (well, most of us do, anyway) something visual can often have a greater affect on our memory and retention.  Photographs can do this, but video can do it even more. That is part of the reason Youtube and other video services have sky rocketed in recent years.  

With this in mind, Stallard Photography offers more than just photo services, that is, still images.  Along with those still images video can do so much to help others want to use your services and product. Here is an example of just this.  Right here you see an image of rock climbing. This may, or may be something you want to do, but do you want to work with this company based solely on the photo?  Now take a look at the video below.  This was something we created, and it puts forth the convincing arguments for going rock climbing with Rock Odysseys.

Stallard Photography can help you produce the video you need.  Not only the basic photography and editing, but also with the concept, story boarding, and more.  And we can do it at a price you can afford.  Not only can we do promos, but we do real estate tours, commercials, interviews, news gathering, event coverage and instructional videos. If you like, we create the aerial photos and video needed for such projects.   Take a look at our Youtube channel for some examples of our work.  Feel free to contact us for more information on creating the video your business needs.

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What are you looking at? Well, maybe best to ask, what are your clients looking at? How much time do they spend looking at picture of home?  What parts of the home interests them the most?

You probably already have a good answer to that question based on the time you talk to clients.  Still, just how much time do they spend looking at each image?  How about each part of the house?  Can you put a solid number down, more than just a gut reaction?  

Believe it or not, somebody has done the research on this. And the source is reputable:  The Wall Street Journal.  Take a look at the article with the research done on this theme.  It will help you understand your clients better.

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Now offering Matterport 3d tours Are you looking for that something special to show a home to potential buyers?  We have just the thing: 3d tours with Matterport. In the matter of a couple hours we can come in and photograph a home with our special 3d camera.  After the editing is done you get one of the best tours of a home possible.  From a computer, tablet or smartphone, clients can look at a house and literally walk through it.  From any spot they can turn the picture for a 360 degree view.  Then, they can zoom out and look at the floor plan or a 3d model of the home that can be spun to look at from any angle. 

These tours can be used to attract many buyers. Think how good this is to attract long distance buyers in particular. This is just the tool to allow them to see a home and get enough information, and then be ready to travel long distances to see the property first hand. They may even be ready to purchase the home sight unseen.  That is an effective marketing tool

Some say that these kinds of tours are too expensive.  We don't think so.  The cost is just $200 for a home up to 2999 sq ft.  For homes 3000 - 5999 sq ft, the cost is just $300. If you have a bigger home, would like to capture the outside of the home, or would like one of these tours in conjunction with our regular real estate photography services, contact us for more pricing details.  In the meantime, take a look at the sample tours below

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Where is Hitchcock? We live in exciting times.  Technology is moving information around the earth at a speed we never could have imagined.  These developments have affected the film and photography industries, with the size of equipment shrinking in size and increasing in quality.  Computer graphics have changed the way films are made.  These technologies even find their way into the pockets of the common man on the street. Just think how many of us carry around smart phones with 16 mega pixel sensors and the ability to film 4k video.  How many of us even have 4k tv's?

Is all of this technology, though, helping us to make better movies?  Not always.  Yes, the action scenes and CG are fantastic.  But in a way, it feels like we are missing the human craft.  In what way?  Films are so often made with short clips that move fast.  Actors can retake scenes until everything is just the way the director envisions.  For this reason, many actors prefer the live stage, where the art of the craft can be seen in fluid motion.  

Through the years, though, there have been standout directors.  One of them that often comes to mind first is Alfred Hitchcock.  Yes, he was a master of suspense.  But he was also masterful is creating immersive scenes that could last several minutes in one clip.  That was not just movie making, it was art.

Following that tradition is the work of Alexander Sokurov.  In 2002 he created the film entitled Russian Ark, in which he walks us through the pages of Russian history in the Hermitage.  When I started watching it, I kept watching for the first cut away.... and it didn't happen.  And I kept waiting, and it still didn't happen.  This 90 minute film was made with the participation of over 2000 actors and was filmed without one cut of the camera. One scene. That's it.  Wow.  You can watch the film on Youtube with English subtitles here:

After you get done with this, check out the documentary on the making of this film entitled "In one breath".  When you see this kind of work, all I can this is; Hitchcock would be proud. Bravo.



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Custom Wrought Iron How can you get a railing that is both artistic and sturdy? Wrought iron.  The art has been around for centuries making everything from horseshoes and plows to swords and armor.  But just because our iron horses don't need shoes, our harvesting usually consists of weekly going to the grocery store, and swords are no longer the weapon of choice, doesn't mean the art is no longer relevant.

Recently Afton Olsen, in St. George, Utah, showed me some of his work recently installed in a home on the Ledges.  The home is already located wonderfully, bordering on Snow Canyon State Park.  How can you improve on that?  Well, it's in the details.  The kind of stuff that Afton makes by hand. The gate and front door make for an impressive entrance to the abode.  Then the level of Afton's skill can be seen in the rail leading you down stairs.  It is as if a vine morphed itself into a sturdy support.  Next there was a guest bathroom with a wrought iron vanity.  Simple and beautiful  But to top it all off, there was the bridge.

Afton related how the owners originally wanted a rope bridge.  But things like that are a maintenance nightmare in the searing sun of the southwest. So, after discussing a few various ideas for the bridge, they came up with a bridge that looks like it is made from rope.... but it is iron.  

The pictures speak for themselves. But, if you would like to know more about Afton's work, give him a call at 435-668-7153.

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The wonders of bing a Freelance Photographer This world is amazing.  Yah, yah.  We all know that.  But just stop to think.  It's not just some hum-drum place.... it is amazing.  And where ever we may be, who ever may surround us, there is always something to fascinate.  Most of it really depends on us.  Have we opened the eyes of our souls?  Notice the small things under foot.  Observe what is going on above us.  Look into the eyes of those talking to us.  

Maybe that's why photography is so fun.  It forces a person to do just that.  There things that surround us everyday, the almost every day type of things.  But they become in our eyes what they really are.  Not something of little import, but another precious rock that makes up the pricelessness of our world.  

A few weeks back one of those moments was place in my lap.  I got to interview a couple of veterans with a positive outlook on life.  Take a look at their outlook.  It touches the heart. It's this kind of stuff that makes me love freelance photography.

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Land Sharks Just what does a photographer do in his off time?  He takes more pictures and video.  Here is a little something we did really (and I mean reaaaaaally) quick.  Just some family fun.

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Golf home with pool There seems to be no end to the beautiful homes built right on the golf courses here is Washington County, Utah.  Jennifer Saarelainen has just listed this brand new home in the Sand Hollow area of Washington.  Views of the mountains, vistas of the cliffs all overlooking the golf course.  This home is spacious and has a wonderful master bath.  And what can you say about the pool? Check it out.


Sand Hollow, Washington, Utah

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What do we do? What kind of a photographer do you need?  What kind of question is that, you may wonder.  Well, just think about it.  Would you hire a writer of children's books to author your work on the physics of thermodynamics?  And to tell you the truth, that science writer would probably do a terrible job entertaining kids with their bed time stories too (though you might bore them to sleep).  

For this same reason, it's prudent to choose your photographer wisely.  At Stallard Photography, we have done portraits and weddings (like all the hundreds of other photographers in the St. George area), but our specialty is in commercial and real estate work.  Different techniques and equipment is often needed, not to mention the mindset.  Take a look at our latest video that shows how we can help your business:

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Video tours of real estate - A great way to market properties for quick sales Does anyone question the need for quality photographs when advertising properties? There is no second guessing that photographs from an Iphone are fantastic.  As good as that technology is though, a photographer with a DSLR can do so much more for you.  When you compare the photos from the latest and greatest smartphone with the images produced by a professional photographer, it leaves a real estate agent asking himself: Can I really afford not to hire a professional photographer?  

Despite the improvements had by the images from professionals, even photographs have their limitations when advertising properties.  It is easy to loose the perspective of where things are located in a home. You don't get that walk in feeling.  That is where video tours come in. Clients don't just look at an image, they are immersed into it.  

Stallard photography is not just about taking still images.  We also provide a full spectrum of video services, from interviews, to instructional videos and of course including video tours of homes.  Video tours of homes include aerial footage that puts a perspective into the action that cannot be had from the ground.  Our quality still photography and videos are the tools that bring clients to your property to make for a quicker sale.  Take a look at this recent video tour.  You will see why clients are drawn to this kind of media:

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A few homes this past week. Spring has sprung, and the homes are coming out like the roses in St. George.  Whenever you read the news, they say the real estate market is not solid yet.  That information excludes the Washington County area of Utah, of course.  So many homes are being sold within days of being listed.  Many new homes are being built.  You can understand why.  This is a beautiful area with wonderful weather.  It is a small city with the amenities of a metropolis.  As a real estate photographer we get to see a lot of these homes up close. It's fun seeing so many beautiful and homey properties (and as a photographer when you see so many homes like that you have to continue reminding yourself, really, I don't need to buy all ten of these homes in this town... all I need is one).  If you are in the market for a home, this a good time to buy with a nice selection still available.  Here some slideshows of homes we photographed the past week.  When doing this, we find the best angle for each room to document and show off the best parts of the properties.  We also get aerial shots that help potential buyers get a bird's eye view of the home they desire.  Realtors keep telling us how much their clients love to see those aerials, and our quality photography is bringing the buyer in for a quicker purchase.  Take a look at some of the work we did the past couple weeks:

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Falcon Ridge in Mesquite, Nevada Just last week we photographed two beautiful properties in Mesquite, Nevada.  Driving down I-15 through this town, you would never know that gems like these exist.  For more information, contact Jed Giacoletto at Fidelity Real Estate at 435-229-5112.

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Zion West Campground, Leeds Utah Meri Crandall at Remax Associates in St. George, Utah has just listed this beautiful campground in Leeds, Utah.  What a beautiful place.  Even if you have no plans on buying something like this take a look.  The scenery is awesome.

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Vista Del Sol We actually do get clouds once in a while here is St. George.  You can see that in this latest shot from a home in Vista Del Sol.  St. George is still beautiful, though.  Take a look at this home and clubhouse.  A nice, quiet place to live.  Contact Rand McCullough at 435-619-8800 or look him up at for more information.

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210 West Bluff Street Have you walked the streets of downtown St. George?  This area preserves beautiful old homes, some dating from before the turn of the century. The people who settled this area were hard working craftsmen, and it can be seen in the durable residences that continue to provide a roof over many a family's heads.  Just yesterday we had the opportunity to photograph one of such homes. We loved the wood floors with red walls and the fireplace.  Another thing eye catching feature were the bathrooms with the classic black and white tile.  The master bathroom even had an old style tub with lion's feet.  If you want to know more about this home, see Rand McCullough at Fidelity Real Estate.  His number is 435-619-8800. Or you can look him up at their website  In the meantime, check out this slide show of the home at 210 West Diagnol street.


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Sky Ranch Who knew there was such a community in the St. George area?  Sky ranch is development located at the base of the Hurricane Cliffs which offers incredible views of the valley and Pine Valley Mountain.  This place is extra attractive to aviators because all the residents of Sky Ranch have access to their very own landing strip.  Many of the residents even have private hangars to store their aircraft.  

Recently Meri Crandall from Remax associates listed the house at 4458 South 1500 West, Hurricane, Utah.  Take a look at the video tour and the slide show of this beautiful home overlooking the landing strip.  

Thanks to Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech for the music on the video.

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Virtual Tour with the Triple 50 Deal - Sky Mountain One of the services we provide are video virtual tours of homes and other properties.  Still photographs do a great deal in documenting a property, but you lose part of the perspective of where things are located and seeing the surrounding areas.  This is solved with video virtual tours. You don't just see a home, you actually become part of it.  You walk through it.  Our tours are extra special because we give you aerial shots of the property, so you can even fly over it. Add to this that Southern Utah is one of the most amazing places on earth with the red rock and accents of green on a back drop of a blue sky. It's not just documenting a location, it is beauty that entertains. We just did a tour for Meri Crandall at Remax Associates.  Her clients love her and she has wonderful depth of experience. This home sold quick.  Here is the virtual tour of that home at Sky Mountain. This was under the Triple 50 Deal:  50 shots for $50 to the first 50 real estate clients.  The alternate is a virtual tour for $150, which this is.  Enjoy the tour...

While at this home, we took a couple of HDR (high dynamic range) shots.  It just make you love the kitchen and the view you get.

Sky MountainKitchen at Sky Mountain. Gotta love that view... golf course and mountains.

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Freelance with Fox 13 We are thrilled to do freelance work with Fox 13 Salt Lake City.  Just two weeks ago we were able to provide the footage and an interview for the groundbreaking of a new park here in St. George.   The Fox 13 team is simply friendly and professional to work with.  We look forward to working with that wonderful staff on future projects.  If you and your company need something, please look us up and we will be glad to work with you too.

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Sports Photography with Gameface

On January 17 the St. George half marathon and 5K were held in St. George.  Photographs were provided by Gameface Media.  Stallard Photography was proud to work with Gameface and all its great photographers in covering this event. To see our work at the half marathon, visit this link:


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First Triple 50 Deal client Just this week we took photos for the first Triple 50 Deal client.  It was a beautiful home in Dammeron Valley.  Just a little about our photo services.  After we take shots of a home, we assemble them in a logical order and those photographs are made available to you for download through our website.  In addition to this, we send you the embed codes so you can post a slide show of that home in your website, in Facebook, and other social media.  Here is a slide show of the home we just did.


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The Triple 50 Deal - Real Estate Photography in St. George and Hurricane area We are running the Triple 50 Deal. This means that the next 50 real estate clients get 50 high quality shots (including aerial shots) for 50 bucks!!! Or, you can get a video tour for $150. These are being offered in the St. George/Hurricane area. Check out our flyer below. 

You get high quality photos (or video) with quick, friendly service. After light touch up to the photos, they are easily accessed for your download from our website. It's easy! And you know that's a deal. 

If you need something special, like HDR or night shots, you know, things that take more time, planning and multiple visits to a property, give us a call or text. You will love working with us.

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Anasazi Trails - Little Black Rock Mountain Here is the first in a series of virtual tours of interesting places near St. George. This first one is a tour of Little Black Rock Mountain, south of St. George.  More are coming.


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Aerial Video for Sports Here is an idea for all those interested in improving their game.  UCLA is using aerial video to help their football team.  I can help the Southern Utah teams  with this too.  Check out this video.  It was shot with the same equipment I have.


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Rainbow in St. George, Utah This morning while washing our car (now you know why it rained), by chance I looked up behind me, and this is what I saw. A ribbon of light gracing downtown Saint George and Bluff Street with its beauty.  The next thing you know, wet footprints are tracking through the house as I rush to get my camera.  After some mean looks from my lovely wife (yes, I did mess up the floor, so you can't blame her) I was able to get a few shots before the rainbow faded into memory. This is the stuff life is made of.

St. George RainbowBluff Street Rainbow on December 13, 2014.

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Getting acquainted Hi All, 

Well, today I got my Facebook and Google+ accounts going.  Keep checking back as I will be adding content, to keep it interesting.  Thanks for your support.


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Toquerville Falls A couple years ago I took this shot of a young man doing a back flip off Toquerville falls.  You have to admire his coordination.  Would you do this?


Waterfall flipWaterfall flipJust playing around one day I found this young man doing a back flip into the pool at the base of Toquerville falls.


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